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The controlStation is your center for homeautomation! Just download it, copy the image to your Raspberry Pi 1 B+ and use the advantages. The most important properties are: A fast (written in C) webinterface, well placed operating elements for a good and intuitive user experience and the easy possibility to add many more device types. Everybody can expand the Wiki with new devices and for flawless communication with the controlStation link a device class. Your controlStation is connected to the Wiki and therefore you can integrate new devices with just one click!

Yes Different devices Integrate many new devices while importing or creating classes
Yes Rules Let you devices communicate by rules with each other
Yes Statistics Check what values your devices had in the past
Yes User Management Determine which user can control certainrooms
Yes Mails Let the controlStation send you a mail when an event happens
Yes Operated Anywhere Use our DynDNS-Service and set up port forwarding on your router
No Smartphone App An app is in development. Until then create a shourtcut - the webapp is responsive

Future features

We have many more ideas to improve the controlStation. We hope for your help with the Wiki and like to get some Feedback. The more people use the controlStation and the more feedback we get, the faster we take in action to implement the features on the roadmap. Maybe you have a good idea that belongs on the ToDo list?


  • iPhone-App

    Nothing goes without an App! Even if the webapp is responsive..

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  • Philips Hue Bridge

    Integrate ZigBee Light-Link devices with the Hue Bridge.

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  • 2017